Our goal is to bring together the best farms and farming practices in Australia and New Zealand to produce some of the world’s finest Wagyu beef.

“Our background is in farming and farm finance in both Australia and New Zealand. We also have investments in genetics and breeding of premium Wagyu beef in Australia.

From this experience and a comprehensive understanding of farming practices and potential on both sides of the Tasman we felt there was enormous potential to bring both the dairy and beef farming industries onside and together create something pretty special.”

“Southern Stations Wagyu is ambitious for our farmers and our partners and passionate about the quality of the Wagyu beef we can collectively produce. That quality relies on the world’s best genetics and then world’s best practice – every step along the way. That’s why we’re keen to establish long term relationships and partnerships with likeminded farmers and companies who share our passion for quality, our willingness to try something new and our desire to find a better way to maximise the opportunities when great businesses work together.”

The Plan