Farming Partnerships

Partnering with
the beef industry

Our livestock partners handle the sales process of genetically tagged Southern Stations Wagyu calves to the approved finishing farmers.

Jason Miller and his brother Quentin – Roslyn Downs 620 Ha Farm Southland. Run as a partnership between Jason and wife Jocelyn and Quentin and his wife Eleanor.

How it works

How it works the-beef industry

Continuity &
quality control:

Southern Stations Wagyu owns the genetics and provides a guaranteed buyback of the weaned calves. These weaners are moved to selected finishers, who agree to farm the SSW Wagyus using absolute best farming practices. Throughout the growing cycle ownership rests with Southern Stations Wagyu. This unique structure ensures that our finishing farmer partners concentrate their efforts and capital on providing the best possible environment for growing and producing premium Wagyu – for which they receive the profit margin at the time of sale.

Continued ownership from genetics through to discerning consumer is a key part of Southern Stations Wagyu product integrity.

Partnering with
dairy farmers

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